Know the Difference Between In Home Care and Home Health Care Services

Home care and home health care are two different services for people that need help living in their homes during physical rehab or when they become part of the elderly population. The services provided for each vary, but both services allow people to stay in their homes instead of going into nursing care.


Home Health Care includes services that last up to 24 hours a day and is considered non-medical services. The service provides support services such as light house cleaning to moving a client to appointment. Home care professions offer wellness care on an sporadic basis. They may come into the home for a few hours daily, every other day or another time period that is best for the patient. Home health care professionals are licensed to offer that wellness care and they include the medical staff, aids and social workers. Home health nurses can administer medication to their clients, while home health care givers can only remind the patient to take their medications.

Home health care is like having a nurse in the home just until the patient is able to continue regular daily living. Home care can be 24 hours a day forever, but only provides non-professional services to the patients. Like ‘Best Home Care’ the Home Health Care in Minnesota provides best Non- Medical services.


It depends on the service provider and clients that till what period of time the service should be provided or the client wants it can continue for a month to several years. Home health services last only as long as the patient needs the service, which is determined by the diagnosis. Someone that was in an accident may need a few months of care until they are ready to continue daily activities again. In this case, home health services would last a few months.


When an individual goes into a home care situation, they are not housebound. They may still be able to generate and do whatever they want to do. An individual in home health care must be home bound. They cannot generate at the time of the service. A home health care customer must have an order from a physician to have this type of wellness care and a course of action is developed and maintained by the doctor. This is not true with home care customer.

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